Semi-hard cheese “Liliputas”

Igp1_lt„Liliputas“ has been recognized as an outstanding product by European Commission. It has a protected geographical indication (PGI) label.




„Liliputas“ is a semi-hard cheese made in Belvederis dairy, the oldest in Lithuania, founded in 1928. It has kept non-mechanised production and old traditions.
It is a hand-made cheese, ripened naturally, with its quality equal with best semi-hard French and Italian cheeses. It has especially mild taste, smooth texture, in a wax rind, helping to maintain its freshness. It is a great snack as well as suitable for seasoning various dishes.
The cheese is produced 50% fat in dry matter.

Storage conditions:
Temperature 0… +6°C, humidity not higher than 85 %
available weighed, in pieces or souvenirs: 0,3 kg loaf in branded souvenir boxes.

Ingredients Milk, salt 2,1%, preservative sodium nitrite, ferment Fromase, lactic acid ferment
Nutrition 100 g
Energy 1558 kJ / 375 kcal
Fat 30,0 g
of which saturated fat 20,9 g
Carbohydrates 1,3 g
of which sugars 0,0 g
Protein 25,4 g
Salt 2,2 g

Did you know that if you eat 100g of cheese you will get:

  • Recommended daily intake of calcium (1-1,2 g),
  • daily intake of phosphorus (900 mg),
  • about one third of recommended intake of vitamin A 0,8 mg.),
  • vitamind B, D, E,
  • folic acid and other vitamins.