New glazed curd snack of creme brulee flavor from Senolių line.

October 2012
New glazed curd snack of creme brulee flavor from Senolių line.
Try and enjoy the light and delicate taste of this curd snack.

September 2012
Oki Doki curd snacks assortment has been replenished by a curd snack with coconuts. Novelty for the little ones and not only them.

August 2012
Information for users regarding packaging waste management.

December 2011
Our Company’s position is formulated,
upon the wish to tell our customers and business partners that we are manufacturing high quality milk products. This new position is conveyed via a slogan – Milk Products for Entire Family.

October 2011
The brand mark of Lukšių pieninė is renewed.
The modernized brand mark is related to the Company’s new position: to ensure the high quality of products and to strengthen and develop our current brand marks. The activeness and the energy of the Company are expressed through the combination of red and yellow colors. “Because we preserve our traditional manufacturing technologies, we have distinguished the year of the Company’s establishment – 1939. It is important to us to show our customers our experience, traditions and – at the same time – our modern attitude. All this is captured in the combination of color and form of our Company’s brand mark”.

September 2011
New curd dessert Puikis
of strawberry, cherry, and vanilla with jelly bits flavors. Children like the products we have created and love their taste.

July 2011
Brand marks Oki Doki, Senolių, Belvederio and Liliputas
start sponsoring new Lithuanian TV series Pasmerkti and Moterys meluoja geriau.

June 2011
The branded Lukšių product line is supplemented by Lukšių sour cream.
This branded product line is characterized by especially high quality, exceptional tastes and special manufacturing technologies.

May 2011
Semi-hard fermented cheeses Liliputas and Belvederio are renewed.
Handmade semi-hard fermented cheeses are ripened naturally, and match in their quality to the French and Italian semi-hard fermented cheeses.

February 2011
New product for the children.
Curd snacks Oki Doki with the most favorite flavors: strawberry, vanilla and Plombir ice-cream. High quality curd snacks with chocolate coating. A wonderful source of calcium and carbohydrates.

New products of Senolių line –
curd snacks of vanilla, condensed milk and Plombir ice- cream flavors. Made only from the highest quality ingredients, curd snacks Senolių with their pleasant and soft taste shall be liked by the entire family.