Even more lactose-free "Senoliu" products!
Curd with various fat contents will appeal to your whole family.
The well-known “Liliputas” is a hero created by our hands
From today the cheese is in a new packaging, thus, it is even more popular
New and first in Lithuania lactose-free „Senolių“ curd snacks!
Delicious and valuable option for those who take care of themselves.
In 2016 cream "Senolių"
Was awarded Lithuanian Product Of The Year gold medal
Semi-hard cheese "Belvederio"
awarded the gold medal in the exhibition AgroBalt 2016
In 2015 "Senolių" low fat curd
Was awarded Lithuanian Product of the year gold medal
In 2015 "Senolių" butter
Was awarded Lithuanian Product of the year silver medal
Inspired by the best Lithuanian traditions
 Made without artificial additives and artificial coloring additives.
Traditions and fine taste retained
"Senolių" dairy products are produced ensuring high quality of dairy products and careful selection of ingredients

Dairy products of Lukšių Pieninė (Lukšiai Diary) are intended for the whole family, so the Company produces from the favorite sweet curd cheese for children to naturally ripened semi-hard cheese.

The most important thing is that the food would be beneficial for the body and supply it with the necessary carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is essential for a healthier lifestyle. Therefore Lukšių Pieninė produces dairy products only from carefully selected ingredients and Lithuanian milk.

High quality of dairy products and great taste is the basic principle of the Company. It is especially important in meeting the requirements of different customers. In developing a product range and new brands, the account is taken of what is important to each family member, i.e. quality, taste, and naturalness of the product.